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Basic rules of Quidditch


3 golden goalposts on either side, round goals are 50 feet (or 15 meters) in the air.

There are raised bleachers for spectators.

Balls & Equipment:

1 Quaffle - bright red, about the size of a soccer ball, used to score goals

2 Bludgers - jet black, slightly smaller than Quaffle

1 Golden Snitch - elusive walnut-sized ball with silver wings

Players use broomsticks.

Team Players:

1 Keeper - guards the goals to keep opponents from scoring

3 Chasers - throw Quaffle back and forth trying to score goal

2 Beaters - defense, use bats to keep Bludgers from their teammates

1 Seeker - tries to catch the Golden Snitch to end the game

Object of the Game:To score as many points as possible by getting the Quaffle through one of the opposing goals while flying on a broomstick. Players try to avoid the pummeling Bludgers to prevent injury and, if they are thrown from their broomstick completely, they are removed from the game. Game ends when the Golden Snitch is caught by a Seeker.

Start of Game: The referee calls for the team captains to shake hands. When everybody has mounted their broomsticks, the referee releases the four balls. The referee sounds a whistle and players may then rise on their broomsticks and play begins.

Scoring & Winning: Each time a Chaser gets the Quaffle in the opposing goal, his team is awarded 10 points. When a Seeker captures the Snitch, his team is awarded 150 points. Upon the capture of the Snitch, the team with the most points wins.

Penalties: There are 700 ways to commit a Quidditch foul. Fouls may result in the opposing team receiving possession of the Quaffle or getting a free shot at a goal.

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