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Trading Pokémon cards is big business, but it should be fun as well. Kids trade these cards the same way baseball cards are traded. A basic two player set includes 60 cards, some of which will be duplicates that can be traded. There are 102 cards in the complete set. You add to your collection by buying booster packs such as the Starter, Jungle, and Fossil booster packs. Cards can be Rare-Holo, (the shiny 3D foil), Rare; Uncommon; or Common.

An easy way to tell what card you have is to look down in the right-hand corner and you find a "Rarity Symbol" in very small print. A circle means that the card in Common; a diamond means that the card is Uncommon; a star means that the card is Rare. Always try to buy official Pokémon cards or you may end up with counterfeits!

The standard Game Boy video game Pokémon comes in different versions; Red,
Blue, and Yellow
. When you play the Red or Blue version of Pokémon, you get to choose which Pokémon you start with, which will determine what Pokémon your rival, Gary, has at the end of the game. The concept behind playing Pokémon is to build a team to fight your rival, Gary. The game starts with Eevee and it not a very difficult battle to win. As you progress through the game, each battle becomes more difficult. Pokémon evolve during battles and you must trade with friends through the Cable Club to gather an unbeatable team. Some characters are only availabe in specific versions, so you will have to be a good strategist. The Yellow version is very similar to the Red and Blue versions, but with new twists.

In the Yellow version, Pikachu follows you from the very start of the game. If you have watched the TV Show, you will feel like Ash, with Pikachu following you everywhere you go. In fact, you will find that the Yellow version is the closest to the TV show. The Yellow version allows you to print out your Pokédex with the Game Boy printer and listen while Pikachu talks to you! Coolest! :-)

There are numerous books written on how to win at Pokémon; when to use the Poké Balls, how to train Pokémon, trading Pokémon, Pokémon evolving, Gym Leaders, Badges, Technical Machines. Just don't think that just because you beat Gary you are done! The game is saved until you play again but you will start back at the beginning. You do not lose what you have acquired, you just add to your Pokédex.

If you have Pokémon fever, the Gold and Silver versions are due out this fall! You just can't get enough Pokémon!!

For those of you who are avid Pokémon TV watchers, it is interesting to note that the Japanese and American versions have the same pictures, but the voices for the American version, are done in New York City by Eric Stuart. Voices for Wartortle, James, Brock, Hypno and at least 13 more, are all done by Eric Stuart. Eric started out doing the voice of Brock, but everyone liked his voice so much, they asked him to do James and before long he was asked to do even more of the characters voices.

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