Birthday Gifts and Party Planning

Pooh's Birthday Party!
Age 3-6

Winner The Pooh and Tigger Too! Invite everyone to bring their favorite Pooh character to the party.

Decorations: Use pictures of Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and of course a "Honey Pot" to decorate the walls. Create a treehouse for the guest of honor using a large piece of cardboard, (a refrigerator box is great), spray paint and artificial leaves. (Cut the box down one side and bend it three quarters of the way around a chair. Cut off what you don't need. After you have determined the correct size, take your cardboard outside and if you desire, spray it brown. While the paint is wet, use a comb to simulate bark. Create a ceiling using light weight chicken wire, or the like, and cover it with leaves. Securely tape the "tree" to a chair for the birthday boy or girl.) Order a "Pooh" cake from your local bakery and set the table with small Pooh bears. (Hint: Look for inexpensive keychains!)

Lost Pooh Bear: Have the children stand in a circle facing inside. Give one child a Pooh bear and have them walk around the outside of the circle and drop the bear behind someone. That child must then pick up the bear and try to get back to the empty space before the first child can get back there. The one who doesn't get the empty space, must then walk outside the circle and drop the bear. The game continues until everyone has had a chance to drop the bear.





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