Birthday Gifts and Party Planning

Animal Birthday Party!
Age 5-10

If your child is an animal lover, try this party idea!

Decorations: Place stuffed animals all over your home. Put silly hats, bow ties, or shirts on some of them. Hang some monkeys from the bathroom shower rod! Cover your table with iced animal crackers and cookies. (Use a simple glue of sugar and water, just in case someone decides to eat them!) Hang long strands of wide ribbon from the ceiling to create a "cage" for the birthday boy or girl at the table or where they will open the gifts. If you have a sliding door, make "bars" for the window. You can decorate the cake using the same animal cookies as on the table or animals made of sugar.

What am I?: Write the names of different animals on small pieces of paper and place one on each child's forhead without them seeing what it is. They must ask questions of the other guests to find out what they are. If the answer to their question is "No", they must wait until their turn to ask again. Have a prize for the person who guesses correctly first.

Cats, Dogs, Chickens, and Frogs: Divide your group into four teams. One team becomes cats,one dogs, one chickens, and one frogs. Each team must select a leader. Before the party, hide candy everywhere you want the children to look. When they find a candy, they cannot touch it, but must "meow", "bark", "cluck", or "croak" so their leader can pick it up. Award prizes to the team that collects the most candy.





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